my heart is yours to fill or burst

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I hate ditzy high school girls who are as fake as their future implants

I am a girl
I have theories on just about everything, but if you ask me spur-of-the-moment, I'll forget them. I wish I was a little bit taller. Chinese food makes me puke.
I love personal emails. There are several people I wish I were spending more time with on a regular basis. I can't help but love my digital camera. I have a hard time keeping in contact with (some) people. I write so much poetry, songs, stories, and I blush if anyone reads them. I want to move as soon as possible. I loved My Little Pony as a small girl.
There is someone in my life that is obviously more important to me than other people. I think Conor Oberst is brilliant. I have a lot of intentions and need to work on following through. I am in love with the idea of loving infinitely. I have a strange sense of humor. I enjoy playing sport, but not the discussion of sport. I hate when people judge one another on how "punk," "emo," or "scene" they are. I think music, knowledge, tolerance, and unity are among the most important things in life. I can't stand people who go with whatever everyone else says. I get obsessed with a few songs and listen to them on repeat for days. I sigh a lot. *sigh* I love getting mail. My sense of humor is based upon sarcasm. I want to be happy. Eternally. I like to write, but have trouble finding inspiration. I like lots of different kinds of music.
I love when people remember my name. I love when people remember my birthday. I strongly believe that the kind of music you listen you can influence the way you live. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their smile. I hate feeling lonely. I like to try to fix things.

'm a teenage actor surrounded by teenage critics
and the critics don't like me much but that's okay 'cuz I don't like them either Let's unite and find something to hate: white lies and mistletoe, and the people named like states misunderstand but swear that they know. Everybody go out, and rebel against their moms - everybody go and be real cool, 'cuz teenage unity is #1. The virgins with their arms and legs crossed, and the hookers with their legs in the air, and the slackers with their pants nice and loose, all get scared and like to run from the truth. I wanna alienate, but I wanna be alienated. You will fight and despise for the rest of your lives, but you don't realize the saddest truth: no matter how hard you try to rebel, you always become what you hate the most.
__I roll the window down and then begin to breathe in
the darkest country road and the strong scent of evergreen
from the passenger seat as you are driving me home.
Then looking upwards I strained my eyes and try to
tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
from the passenger seat as you are driving me home.
Do they collide? I ask and you smile.
With my feet on the dash, the world doesn't matter.
When you feel embarrassed then I'll be your pride
When you need directions then I'll be the guide for all time.
For all time...

-- Death Cab For Cutie--

who wants a life of lost adolensence that's filled with regrets and anti-depressants
i've said it before & you know that i meant it, you're all i want to know, and i won't let that go" </b>[jamisonparker - paper rock scissors]
Many people come and go in your life. Some stay for a while, while some seem to leave almost as soon as they come. But no matter for how long they’re there for, they always manage to change your life.

“There’s a time and place for everything;
There’s a reason why certain people meet,”
-Jaded (Tony Lovato & Benji Madden)

wish that I could say what I felt when I first met him, but I suppose that we never truly meet someone until we’ve finally taken the time to get to know them. By then, there are so many different feelings inside of you about them, that it’s impossible to describe them all. And by then, you’d have made so many memories with them that you can’t pinpoint when you finally got to know them.

I suppose that’s how I would describe him – indescribable. There are many adjectives that could describe certain aspects of him, but there’s not one word that you could use that would describe him. He’s so many different things rolled into one person. It’s amazing how many different things he can be. It seems that he has no one personality – just like everyone else; one of the many things he’s taught me.

I can still remember that night clearly. That night seemed to change my life. Or at least be a major turning point. There are many times when he’s said or done something, and unknowingly changed the way that I think. But of all of the times that he’s done that, that one night seems to stick out the most from the rest.

Everything he said seemed to make complete sense to me, and soon enough, I was starting to think the way that he did too. I began to see life in a whole new perspective because of him. I began to think on a different level, and so many more things seemed possible and real. Everything that I knew before seemed to be so wrong.

That night, I also realized that I wasn’t alone. He revealed things about himself that I could relate to wholeheartedly. The fact that I knew that there was someone else out there that was like me and felt the same way about many things as I did comforted me, and made me feel more comfortable with myself. From then on, I wasn’t as reluctant to say those things anymore.

He not only made me see the world differently, but he also made me see myself differently. Not too long ago, I was a shy, quiet person. I kept to myself, and I wouldn’t dare approach someone if it could be avoided – I was too scared to be myself because I was self-conscious about what other people might say or think.
Every time I talk to him, I change a bit more because of it. He always managed to say something that will make me thing. And when I think about it, it starts to make sense, and I start to discover new things because of them. For as long as I’ll know him, he’ll be changing me.
It’s funny how much of a difference one person can make on your life. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there. It’s as if a place in your heart has been waiting for them. Sometimes, the moment that you lock eyes with someone, you know that they’re going to change you in ways that you couldn’t ever imagine.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens because of chance or luck. Everything that happens was meant to happen when it did. People come into your life and stay with you in physical form for as long as they’re supposed to be there. They don’t just pop in randomly, or come along by chance. They were placed at that part of the path of your life, and nothing is going to change that. And even when they’re gone; though you can’t see or touch them, doesn’t mean that they’re truly gone. They’re a part of you from the moment that you lock eyes, and their memory will always live on inside of you. They have changed your life whether you’ve realized it or now.

It’s funny that the people that have the biggest impact on your life don’t even know it. That’s how it is with him. He’s changed me so much, and he’s still changing me – and he doesn’t even what he’s done to me. He doesn’t know that if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be who I am today – no would I even be here. I owe him so much for everything he’s done to me, and he doesn’t even know.
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